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There are two ways to obtain residence in Andorra:

1. Residence with a Work Permit
2. Residence Permit without paid employment

Nationals of the European Community and E.F.T.A., have priority in the obtaining of Work Permits, although there are small quotas for highly-qualified nationals of other countries. Permits are normally only issued only to those working for an Andorran person or company. Self-employment for foreigners is now permitted but, in general, work permits are difficult to obtain, since the employer must also show that a suitably-qualified person already residing in Andorra cannot be found for the position. Should you be wishing to form a company in Andorra and employ yourself and others, it is possible for you to get a residence and work permit by this method. For full and further details, please consult our Help Sheet on 'Work Permits' which is available to all registered Private Clients. Please contact us for further details

The main demand for residence permits comes from those who do not wish to work or who are retired.

In June 2012, a new Immigration Law was approved by the Andorran Parliament, the Council-General. Entry is by family unit. Single persons are regarded as a family unit. Andorra does not require its residents to pay any personal taxes whatsoever, but new non-working residents must put up a deposit of 50.000€ for the first permit in the family, and 10.000€ per extra adult or child and invest a further amount up to a total (including the deposit) of 400.000€ in Andorran assets. The deposits do not earn interest, but are returnable on giving up the permit. New residents must be able to show that they have no criminal record and can support themselves adequately from their investments or pensions without the need to seek employment. For further information on the law please consult the relevant section of our website www.andorra-business.com

Non-working residents may rent or buy their home.

There is no apparent discrimination in terms of nationality, age, sex, religion or political affiliation in the issuance of Residence Permits without paid employment. Applicants must pass a medical test to check for any undesirable conditions and must have private health insurance, a pension entitlement and give evidence that they have an income of at least three times the national minimum wage or, currently, about 36.000€ p.a. plus 12.000€ p.a per additional dependent. Quite obviously the rationale for renting (except in the short term whilst getting to know the country) has disappeared, now that new residents must invest a total of 400.000€ in the country and the most usual form of investment is in buying a property to live in. For properties available, please consult our website www.andorra-property.com

SERVISSIM processes more applications for Residence Permits than any other services organisation.

Our advice and assistance is keenly appreciated by all of our Private Clients. Please contact us for details.
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