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Information for Sellers

Information for sellers

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As you may have seen elsewhere on this site, was, literally, the first property sales website in Andorra and was set up by SERVISSIM, S.L. way back in the mid-1990's. It is still one of the most-visited websites of its kind in the country and we use the site as our main sales support, since we do not ever advertise locally in printed form.

Not only do we constantly try to improve the website but we also make sure that every single property advertised on the site has been directly listed with us by the owner. No property listed here has been "lifted" or "scraped" from any other local site, which is why many smaller local estate agents rely on it for up-to-date information as well. We also always pride ourselves on updating any new information or details from owners within 24 hours.

As a result, when you list your property for sale with us, this is of great advantage to you: the College of (registered and qualified) Estate Agents in Andorra, A.G.I.A., mandates that all the professional estate agents in the country must cooperate with each other if they do not have the right property to satisfy their buyer and all our colleagues have come to know that a listing on is guaranteed not only to be properly-documented and honestly described, but also available for sale to their clients through us at the price quoted. Which is, of course, why we manage to sell a lot of property!

In other words, made SERVISSIM one of Andorra's most trusted retail estate agents and despite intense competition from a growing number of international franchise operations, we continue after more than 30 years to be able to offer absolute integrity and honesty and the finest and most reliable service in the country. Just ask around!