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Why Us?

Why Us?

Why Us?

Owners and vendors

Why trust in SERVISSIM to sell your property, rather than any other agent ?

Since SERVISSIM was started more than 30 years ago, the company has remained determined to offer absolute honesty and integrity and we adhere strictly to the rules mandated by the International Association of Property Professionals based in London.

This website is the only property sales site in the country that is restricted exclusively to featuring properties with a direct mandate from the client. Not one single listing is lifted from other sites which is why many of the other most respected agencies in the country rely on our listings as well, thus greatly increasing your chance of a speedy and successful sale.

Clients can rely on our keen knowledge of the current market for advice on how to price their property and we have more than our fair share of exclusive listings. Whilst we do not and never have insisted on an exclusive contract to sell a client's property, we are always prepared to negotiate our fees if this is offered.

Property purchasers

Why buy your property through SERVISSIM?

SERVISSIM offers absolute integrity and honesty. Not only that, but on many occasions we have seen the same property offered by other agents at a much higher price. It is also a little-known fact that all licensed agents in Andorra are bound to deal with another on a shared commission basis. So it costs a client absolutely nothing to retain SERVISSIM as his or her main agent and benefit not only from our unblemished reputation and our trusted contacts, but also our unrivalled knowledge of the real prices in the market.

In addition, most estate agents do not offer the comprehensive assistance and follow-up services that SERVISSIM does. If you are in any doubt about the scope of these services which are listed here, do please ask our Client Services Manager for full details. She will be delighted to help and to reassure you throughout the purchase process and beyond.